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National Theatre Wales

National Theatre Wales (NTW) has been making English-language productions in locations all over Wales, UK, internationally and online since March 2010.

Operating from a small base in the Welsh capital city of Cardiff, NTW works all over the country and beyond, taking inspiration from Wales’ rich and diverse landscape, towns, cities, villages and incredible stories.

NTW’s productions have been staged on trains, military training grounds, beaches and mountains, in warehouses, nightclubs, tents, village halls, schools, aircraft hangars and libraries in towns and cities all over the world.

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National Theatre Wales |The nation of Wales is our stage

/Digital Art/Music/Theatre

From forests to beaches, from aircraft hangars to post-industrial towns, village halls to nightclubs...

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Fit for China Digital Showcase 2016

/Design/Digital Art/Fashion/Theatre/Visual Art

At the British Council, we want to take more great arts and culture content from the UK to online audiences around the world. We call this programme Digital Showcasing. Since last year, we have been working with Culture 24, Storythings and 10 UK arts organisations to create a programme of content especially selected for Chinese audiences on our UK Now platform.

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